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Knowledgeable Grant Consulting and Writing

If you're searching for funding for a large-scale federal/private project, then turn to LGI today. We'll help you increase your opportunities for grant funding so you can make your dream project a reality and diversify your income generating streams.

  • Pre-funding proposal creation and analysis

  • Grant writing/consultaion

  • Grant analysis

  • Peer reviewing

  • Compliance and monitoring

  • Quality control

  • Board and staff motivation training

Other LGI grant services

Turn to the professionals with contractual experience with major federal agencies & non profit organizations.


You can put your trust in a financial management firm that's 100% minority and

veteran owned.

Shakehands Discussing

Knowledge Resources for Federal Grant Processing

• Are you a NON-PROFIT Organization? If so,


• Are you pursuing either Grants or Contract Opportunities from the Federal government?


This Congressional appropriated funding source awards annually over:


     • $808 Billion to state, local governments, Indian tribes, and colleges and universities.

     • $92 Billion to non-profit organizations.


• Are you interested in diversifying your FOR-PROFIT Company’s income stream by forming a Non-Profit (501© 3) Organization? If so, let LGI assist you in making this addition and further assist you in Grant writing and consultations.

LGI’s professional have extensive experience in the developing/writing Federal grants. We can assist your organization in presenting clear, concise, quality proposals which meets the Federal/State or Private Organizations’ specifications and requirements ahead of the their stated deadlines.