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Comprehensive Financial Analysis and Management

Quinton Lynch and staff have completed full-scale financial analysis for community development corporations, quasi-public corporations, state and local governments, and Indian tribes. Trust a business with extensive experience in grant management & financial analysis today. Your company's financial future is in good hands!

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analysis services

  • Financial Analysis and Management

  • Audit Backlog & Resolution

  • Audit findings avoidance

  • Budget Development and Execution

  • Negotiation Analysis

  • Financial Staff Training

Dependable financial assistance for:

Put your faith in a locally owned and operated financial management company today.

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Your financial posture and well being can be trusted with experienced professionals of LGI. Whether you have a for-profit or Non-Profit, small or medium-sized organization, let LGI perform a detailed financial risk analysis and basic audit of your management operations.


Our vast assortment of financial, management, auditing, internal controls and general business consultations can assist you in making cost effective and timely management decisions which are consistent with your corporate and long range strategies.

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